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JSPC Award for Excellence
2014 Summer Symposium Awardees

Tomohide Okada*1,Tomotake Asawa1,Yukihiro Sugiyama2,Masyuki Kirihara3,Toshiaki lwai3, Yoshikazu Kimura4
(1R&D Department of Chemicals, Nippon Light Metal Company Ltd.
2Market Development Department, Nippon Light Metal Company Ltd.
3Department of Materials and Life Science, Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology
4Research and Development Department, Iharanikkei Chemical lndustry Co. Ltd.)

"Practical Oxidation Reaction of Alcohols with Sodium Hypochlorite Pentahydrate(NaClO-5H2O) Crystals"

Masatoshi Yamada1*, Takahiro Konishi1, Masayuki Yamashita1, Mitsutaka Goto2, Takashi Nihei1, Keiichirou Nakaoka1, Tetsuhiro Yamamoto1, Mitsuhisa Yamano1
(1Chemical Deveropment Laboratories, CMC Center, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited,
2Chemical Technology Department, Pharmaceutical Production Division)

"Development of manufacturing process for fasiglifam via asymmetric hydrogenation with trace ruthenium catalyst"

Hiroyoshi Morimoto*, Risa Fujiwara, Yuhei Shimizu, Kazuhiro Morisaki, Takashi Ohshima
(Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyushu University)

"Lanthanum(III) Triflate-Catalyzed Direct Amidation of Esters"

JSPC Award for Excellence(2013`2002)


JSPC 2016 Summer Symposium

Nagoya Congress Center
July 28-29, 2016
Organaizer: Hironao Sajiki (Gifu Pharmaceutical Univ.), Yoshihiko Hirose (Amano Enzyme)




The International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies [PACIFICHEM 2015]

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
December 15 - 20, 2015

New Horizon of Process Chemistry by Scalable Reactions and Technologies (#426)

Kiyoshi Tomioka, Robert M. Williams, Reuben Jih-Ru Hwu, Hironao Sajiki, Takayuki Shioiri, Nobuyoshi Yasuda

Process chemistry underpins the competitiveness of chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Since the stagnation of process chemistry is estimated to cause the industrial depression and excessive loss, chemists focus on process chemistry consistently provide the stimulus by the development of novel and efficient new reactions and technologies. This symposium will draw focus to the methodologies and technologies adaptable to process chemistry because the drug discovery from molecules will be involved in other symposia. This symposium will be concerned with new catalysts, reactions and methods for the synthesis of functional materials including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, functional materials, chemical raw materials and so on oriented in the direction of process chemistry including green and sustainable chemistry as one of the major topics. Furthermore, various isolation methods including crystallization, development of reactors and equipment, direct observational methods of the reaction progress are also important topics. Finally, the process design to scale up will be also considered.

more info>>http://www.pacifichem.org/symposiadesc2015/c_symp_426.htm


The 3rd International Symposium on Process Chemistry [ISPC 2015]

Kyoto International Conference Center
July 13(Mon)-15(Wed), 2015
Chairperson of ISPC 2015 Kiyoshi Tomioka

July 13 (Mon)


Welcome Reception (Banquet Hall Swan)

July 14 (Tue)


9:00- 9:10
Opening Remarks
Kiyoshi Tomioka (Chairman of ISPC 2015, Doshisha Woman's College of Liberal Arts., Japan)

9:10- 9:50
K-1(Keynote Lecture)
Important Asymmetric and Catalytic Transformations for Drug Development
Chris H. Senanayake
(Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc., USA)
Chair: Kazuhiko Takahashi (Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma, Japan)

K-2(Keynote Lecture)
Understanding Reaction Kinetics for Optimization and Scale-up of API Synthesis
Steve Cropper
(Scale-up Systems Ltd., Ireland)
Chair: Yasuyuki Kita (Ritsumeikan Univ., Japan)


K-3(Keynote Lecture)
Application of Chiral Technologies in the Synthesis of Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Vilas H. Dahanukar
(Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd., India)
Chair: Kozo Shishido (Tokushima Univ., Japan)

K-4(Keynote Lecture)
Helical Macromolecular Catalysts for Next-Generation Catalytic Asymmetric
Michinori Suginome
(Kyoto Univ., Japan)
Chair: Toshiro Konoike (Osaka Synthetic Chemical Laboratories, Japan)

Lunch (Banquet Hall Sakura)

General Assembly of JSPC (in Japanese)

Oral Presentation (10 min each) (1P-01, 1P-06, 1P-07, 1P-08, 1P-35, 1P-36, 1P-46, 1P-55)
Chair: Makoto Michida (Daiichi Sankyo, Japan) Chair: Keiji Ohno (Wako, Japan)

Poster Presentation (1P-01`1P-63) (Annex Hall)
Chair: Yasumasa Hayashi (Astellas, Japan) Chair: Osamu Yamada (Nissan Chemical, Japan)

K-5(Keynote Lecture)
Challenges in Development of Processes for Chiral Drugs
Mukund Gurjar
(Emcure, India)
Chair: Kin-ichi Tadano (Keio Univ., Japan)

K-6(Keynote Lecture)
Process Design with the End in Mind: Development of Omecamtiv Mecarbil, a Novel
Cardiac Myosin Activator
Shawn D. Walker
(Amgen, Inc., USA)
Chair: Hironao Sajiki (Gifu Pharm. Univ., Japan)

K-7(Keynote Lecture)
Asymmetric Counteranion Directed Catalysis (ACDC):A General Approach to
Enantioselective Synthesis
Benjamin List
(Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung, Germany)
Chair: Takayuki Shioiri (Nagoya City Univ., Japan)

Banquet (Banquet Hall Sakura)
Welcome Address: Kiyoshi Tomioka (President of JSPC, Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts,

July 15 (Wed)

9:00- 9:40
K-8(Keynote Lecture)
Commercial Applications of Continuous Process in SK
Jun-ku Park (SK Biopharmaceuticals, Korea)
Chair: Katsuya Tagami (Eisai, Japan)

K-9(Keynote Lecture)
The Synthesis of Novel Pharmaceuticals
David M Tschaen
(Merck, USA)
Chair: Toshiaki Mase (Institute Molecular Science, Japan)


K-10(Keynote Lecture)
Dasotraline: From Laboratory to Commercial-Scale Manufacture
Robert Prytko,Charles Vandenbossche
(Sunovion Pharmaceutical Inc. USA)
Chair: Toshihisa Kato (Ajinomoto, Japan)

K-11(Keynote Lecture)
Some Examples of Industrial Process Development Challenges
Stephane Varray
(Lonza AG, Switzerland)
Chair: Minoru Okada (Astellas, Japan)

Lunch (Banquet Hall Sakura)

Oral Presentation (10 min each) (2P-01, 2P-15, 2P-20, 2P-40, 2P-44, 2P-48, 2P-62, 2P-63)
Chair: Takashi Inaba (JT, Japan), Osamu Onomura (Nagasaki Univ., Japan)

Poster Presentation (2P-01`2P-64) (Annex Hall)
Chair: Taro Kiyoto (Toyama Chemical, Japan), Norihiko Tanimoto (Shionogi, Japan)

K-12(Keynote Lecture)
Development of New Catalytic System for C-H Arylation and Application to @Synthesis of @Pharmaceuticals
Masahiko Seki
(API Corporation, Japan)
Chair: Masahiro Ohshima (Mitsubishi Tanabe, Japan)

K-13(Keynote Lecture)
Methodologies toward Efficient Synthesis of Chiral Natural Products and Drugs
Wenjun Tang
(Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Chair: Masaru Mitsuda (Kaneka, Japan)

K-14(Keynote Lecture)
A Few of My Favorite Rings: Catalytic Cycles Inspired by Macrocycles
Vy M. Dong
(University of California, Irvine, USA)
Chair: Takahiko Akiyama (Gakushuin Univ., Japan)

Release of JSPC Awardees for Excellence 2015

Closing Remarks
Toshiro Konoike (Osaka Synthetic Chemical Laboratories, Japan)

Download>> Program (PDF), Poster Program (PDF)

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