Japanese Society for Process Chemistry

  president message
The Japanese Society for Process Chemistry (JSPC) was founded in 2001, just the beginning of this century, after several symposia and sincere discussions between process chemistry directors of industries and university professors. JSPC aims to promote and encourage the development of process chemistry in various directions among members. Process chemistry includes synthetic chemistry, analytical chemistry, chemical technology, solid state chemistry, environmental science, regulations, patent problem and so on, to mention but a few. JSPC has regular symposia twice a year, summer and winter, after the foundation commemorative symposium was held in 2002. Members of JSPC belong to industries, especially pharmaceutical ones, manufacturers of intermediates, universities, and so on. The number of participants to symposia is yearly increasing. Furthermore, JSPC has a seminar called “Process Chemistry Lounge” in which all participants will stay in the same accommodation and discuss all areas of process chemistry. JSPC believes that the society will have a key feature to advance and improve process chemistry in this century. Every person who has an interest in process chemistry will be welcome to join JSPC.
The Japanese Society for Process Chemistry